Retail Shop will Reopen on Saturday, June 6th

As Illinois moves into Phase 3 of Reopening, retail shops in Central Illinois are eligible to reopen to the public as of Friday, May 29th.  Bad Wolf Pottery will reopen to the public on Saturday, June 6th.  In the meantime, the studio will be cleaned and sanitized.

Starting on Saturday, June 6th, we will limit shopping to three customers at a time.  Also, ALL customers MUST wear a face mask over their nose and mouth while in the shop.  (This is not open for debate.)  Hand sanitizer will be available.  If you are sick, please wait until you feel better to come to the shop.

I want you all to remain safe.  I want to remain safe.  (I have risk factors that make me more susceptible to a bad outcome if I contract this virus.)  

I will wear a mask and wash my hands before handling any purchases you wish to make. (Both in person or via the website.)

I appreciate your support of my small business.